SIMARINE PICO sets new standards for marine battery and tank monitors in fields of design, functionality, connectivity and ease of use.
The IP67 casing of the main unit is CNC-milled from a single piece of high quality 6000 series anodized aluminium (corrosion-proof).
The 3.5’’ inch IPS LCD display is optically bonded with Anti-Reflective Gorilla Glass®.
The unique Real Time Battery Health™ algorithm ensures very precise battery state of charge and health measurements.

Sunchaser Van's SIMARINE Motorhome package is for more demanding users.

It can be connected to: 

  • One battery bank,
  • 2 battery voltages, coach and vehicle
  • 3 tank levels 
  • four 50A consumer or power generation readings
  • four 25A consumer or power generation readings
  • five temperature readings (battery bank, tanks, ambient or outside)
  • Inclinometer (for leveling your Van)


Simarine Motorhome Package includes:

  • Pico panel x 1
  • SC501 x 1  (500A shunt)
  • SCQ25T x1
  • SCQ50 x 1
  • SDI01 x 1
  • Tank Level Sensor Control Module
  • Temperature sensor x 5
  • Tank Level Sensor x 2
  • Network cables

Simarine Motorhome Package

  • If you chose our Custom System Design, we will ask you to provide us with detailed informations about your Motorhome or a Camper. 

    This service is for advanced DIY installers. As part of our service we will provide you with complete guidance, module output labeling, wiring diagram and optional pre-programming of Pico unit. We will be just phone call away if you need our support installing Simarine Motorhome Package. 

    We had extensive months long correspondence with Simarine technical and sales department and we feel confident in providing support for Simarine products going forward. 

  • If you chose this type of service we will be happy to upgrade your Motorhome or a Camper with advanced Simarine monitoring system.

    Starting installation fee will cover first 8 hours of system installation and  some unforeseen situations may inquire additional cost. We are confident that 90% of Van configurations can be updated with starting fee and our goal is to deliver new system to you same day.