Upgrade your Winebago Revel MY 2018-2020 with our Lithium System from 315 to 630 Amp Hours (at 12.8 Volts Nominal) + Nomadic Cooling 2000 75A 12V Air Conditioner

Revel Extended power and comfort

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  • SC-315



    up to 12* hours of A/C

    up to 16* hours of A/C

    up to 24* hours of A/C

    *Nomadic Cooling AC 2000 12V 75A in ECO mode tested at 75F. Please check our video.



    Main benefits when installing Revel/Lithium/AC package:

    • 3000W  power provided by Inverter will be fully available to run all of your 120V appliances like induction cooktop and coffee maker at the same time. Installed 12V A/C is fed from lithium batteries not an inverter. 

    •  Preserves your Lithium battery lifespan. Lower Amp draws of our system means less stress on conductors, equipment and electrical connections. 

    • You can comfortably use the A/C without worry that your batteries will be drained and you will have more stored power at your disposal for other appliances.

    • Last but not least, you can leave your pets in the well air conditioned Revel while going on a longer hike, bike ride or other adventure without worrying abut their safety and well-being.


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