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Upgrade your Winebago Revel MY 2018-2020 with our Lithium System from 315 to 630 Amp Hours (at 12.8 Volts Nominal) + Simarine Monitoring + 12VDC Air Conditioner 75A Compressor


Revel Panel Video


Power System Features for SC-315, SC-420 & SC-630:


  • Simarine Smart monitoring system - Unit monitors and displays voltages, SOC, currents, temperatures, tank levels, pitch and roll, barometer and more customizable features can be added.


  • 3000W Pure Sine Inverter


  • 100 Amp AC - DC Shore Charger


  • 60 Amp DC - DC Charger


  • Victron SmartSolar Charger 100/30 with Bluetooth


  • Main Battery remotely controlled disconnect  


  • Circuit breakers/disconnects


  • Victron Smart Battery Protect BP-65


  • Sunchaser Vans Control and Distribution Panel — All controls and distribution switches have been moved to our state of the art control and distribution panel. Simarine Display unit replaces Victron 712 and Oneplace tank level monitoring panel. New water pump switch is added.

REVEL Lithium Battery Upgrade for 2018-2020 + Simarine + 12VDC Air-Conditioner

SKU: 364115376135191
  • SC-315



    up to 12* hours of A/C

    up to 16* hours of A/C

    up to 24* hours of A/C

    *12VDC Air-Conditioner 75A in ECO mode tested at 75F. Please check our video.



    Main benefits when installing Revel/Lithium/AC package:

    • 3000W  power provided by Inverter will be fully available to run all of your 120V appliances like induction cooktop and coffee maker at the same time. Installed 12V A/C is fed from lithium batteries not an inverter. 

    •  Preserves your Lithium battery lifespan. Lower Amp draws of our system means less stress on conductors, equipment and electrical connections. 

    • You can comfortably use the A/C without worry that your batteries will be drained and you will have more stored power at your disposal for other appliances.

    • Last but not least, you can leave your pets in the well air conditioned Revel while going on a longer hike, bike ride or other adventure without worrying abut their safety and well-being.




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