Our universal Power System provides complete solution for your Sprinter Conversion. It comes in three sizes, Basic 2.7kW system, Smart 4kW system and Smart 5.4kW system. 

Basic 2.7kW system best suits recreational Sprinter users while providing enough power for 12V A/C, water heating, preparing hot meals, fun at beach, mountbiking, hiking or any other daily or weekend activity. 

Smart System is best suitable for off-grid adventures and comes in two versions, 4kW and 5.4kW .

Our product paired with Simarine provides monitoring of Battery Charge/Discharge, Battery Voltage, Battery Temperature, Tank Levels, Tank Temeratures, Outside/Inside Temperatures, Individual 12V Appliance usage, Solar Charge, Alternator Charge, Barometer and Van Leveling display (pitch and roll).

Simarine Control Display unit will provide information about your Sprinter at your desired location or through wifi app on your smart phone. System comes assembled as Plug'n'Play with all necessary sensors and wiring. 

Please contact us for shipping and installation fees.

Delivery times are 3-4 weeks upon posting a full payment.

Plug'n'Play Power System for Sprinter Conversion

$7,167.00 Regular Price
$6,367.00Sale Price