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Consumer Model: Requires a Fuse and Fuse Holder



PULSE AMPS: 1200 (1 second)





  • NeverDie® Power Reserve (Spare Fuel) for Hotel Loads and Engine Cranking
  • Over-Charge, Over-Discharge and Short-Circuit Protection (LVC, HVC, SCC)
  • Low/High Temperature Charge/Discharge Protection
  • Internal Heating Kit: Permits Charging as low as -20C/-4F
  • Pushbutton On/Off switch for Safety and Storage
  • Battery Gauge and Status Codes for Health Monitoring
  • Bluetooth wireless telemetry with Lithionics Battery iOS and Android app
  • CANbus telemetry in the RVIA RV-C format (M12)
  • An alternator Field Control Circuit (FCC) (AMPSEAL8)
  • Remote LED illuminated On/Off Power switch (AMPSEAL8)


Application Note:  Compatible with a Maximum Inverter Size of 3000 Watts. Do Not Connect to Larger Inverters or to Parallel-Connected Inverters.

External BMS-module kit recommended for Marine use.

LITHIONICS 630AH - GTX12V630A-E2112-CS200

  • Model: GTX12V630A-E2112-CS200

    Nominal Voltage: 12.8 Volts

    Nominal Capacity: 630 AH

    Nominal Watt Hours: 8064 WH

    Internal Resistance: <3 milliohms


    Charging temperature range: 32F/0C to 131F/55C

    Charge voltage: 14.4V recommended

    Recommended float charge voltage: 13.4V - 13.6V

    Recommended charge current: 150A

    Allowed max charge current: 200A


    Discharging temperature range: -4F/-20C to 131F/55C

    Output Voltage Range: 10.4V to 13.4V

    Recommended discharge current: 150A

    Max discharge current: 230A

    Pulse discharge current: 1200A (1 SEC)

    Discharge cut-off voltage: NeverDie® Power Reserve @ 12.00V Low-Voltage Cut-Off @10.4V

    Mechanical characteristics

    Length: 20.3in

    Width: 12.3in

    Height: 10.6in

    Weight: Approx. 128lbs (58.0kg)


    Storage Temperature & Humidity Range:

    < 1 Month: -4~95°F (-20~35°C), 45~75%RH

    < 3 Months: 14~86°F (-10~30°C), 45~75%RH

    Recommended storage: 59~95°F (15~35°C),45%RH~75%RH

    Self-discharge rate:

    Residual capacity: ≤3% per month; ≤15% per year

    Reversible capacity: ≤1.5%per month; ≤8% per year

    Long Term Storage:

    If the battery needs to be stored for > 3 months the voltage should be 13.2V (50%SOC), and stored at the recommended storage specifications shown above. Additionally, the battery needs at least one charge & discharge cycle every six months.

  • Remote On/Off/Reset Switch:  On the lid of the batteries is an On/Off/Reset momentary switch.  If the batteries are not accessible, then we offer an option to extend the switch and mount it someone in the van.

    Parts Required:

    75-H1FBR-CS2(AMP seal) $79.00   

    75-224-196 $99.00 (LED Remote Switch) $99.00


    -If you are going to connect the batteries to a Wakespeed Regulator on a dedicated alternator, perhaps from Nations Alternator,  then you would need the harness to access the CANbus port on the battery.  

    Parts Required:  

    75-523-288  $79.00


    -Ion Gage:  The batteries are built with Bluetooth which allows you to receive battery data on both batteries on a single app.  If the customer would like a hard gage that provides battery information by not having to use their phone/tablet,  then the Ion Gage connects directly to the batteries BMS. 

    Parts Required:  

    75-523-288  $79.00

    51-160  $299.00

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