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Is the Revel stock system not good enough?

It depends on your needs, we just know it can be a lot better!

Winnebago Revel 4x4 MY 2018-20 battery storage is designed using 3 heavy AGM batteries to power the interior of the vehicle. These batteries should provide roughly 300 Ah of storage capacity.

However, due to their chemical composition, these batteries are able to provide only 50% of their total capacity and only supply 150Ah of stored power.

Our Solution

We noticed that there is room for improvement and decided to design an entirely new electrical system that adds between 100% to 300% additional battery storage, fueled by high quality lithium batteries.

Upgrading to our system, will allow you to enjoy the comforts of your Revel at full capacity, and give you peace of mind that your batteries will not run out of power.

Structural Design

In order to make sure your batteries charge most efficiently as possible and that loss is minimized, we place the batteries under the bench seat inside your Revel and away from outside weather elements.

This helps ensure that all the batteries are heat stable in whatever environment you might find yourself in, as well as preserve the integrity of the batteries and their storage capacity.

In the process of upgrading the Revel power system we remove all of the old batteries, components and wiring, and replace them with our newly engineered system that features self-protection from low voltage and low temperature conditions.

User Friendly Control Panel with Simarine

While we were designing our system, we realized we could improve on the stock control panel as well.

We removed Oneplace tank monitoring and we added a new water pump switch.

We re-designed our Sunchaser Van Control and Distribution panel and introduced the highly advanced Simarine motorhome system.

Simarine Motorhome system monitoring is designed to keep all information relating to your Revel in one place. The "Pico" panel displays the battery charge, voltages and tank levels. It also features a barometer, shows temperatures, pitch and roll, as well as the users of the electrical system.

The Simarine's unique Real Time Battery Health™ algorithm ensures very precise battery state of charge and health measurements.

The panel is designed so that the functions you use most often will be closest to you on the road, while the distribution center is located on the far side of the panel.

Our panel is designed with room to support any future upgrades and features of your electrical system.

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